New pics 04/15

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Laure Calamy in “une femme du monde”:


Melissa Guers in “une femme du monde”:

Sophie-Marie Larrouy in “Derby girl”:

Vanessa Fonte in “sentinelles”:

French version, with extensive notes

Charlie’s archives (thousands of collages, no ads, no password)

Shocking, politically incorrect, crude, insensitive, unfiltered – and always fucking hilarious.

Gilbert’s roast of Joan Rivers, in which he even manages to crack up the prickly Greg Giraldo:

The Post paid homage to Gilbert’s most tasteless jokes.

Norm MacDonald spends two hours with Gilbert on the former’s podcast:

Part 1

Part 2

(In that podcast, Gilbert turns out to be a surprisingly good mimic. I read somewhere that in his early days as a comic he insisted on coming out last, whereupon his entire act consisted of mimicking and ridiculing the other comics. Allegedly, Seinfeld refused to appear in any show that also included Gilbert.)