A commenter noted that this .gif is from the Anyone But You trailer, although this excellent version isn’t in the theatrical cut.

The same scene looked like this in the version we saw:


OK, we got ripped off, and that makes me mean mad, Muley, but this now seems like good news to me. Perhaps all the advance info we had was correct, after all. The existence of the trailer version gives us some hope that there really may be more alternate footage out there, with much more flesh, as we were originally promised.


Here is a weird deal:

The trailer has the bethonged Sweeney ass, while the theatrical release has La Cid’s ass covered. In complete contrast, the trailer shows Charlee Fraser wearing a bikini top when she greets Glen Powell, while the theatrical release shows her topless in the same scene! In other word, the director decided to add Fraser nudity and remove Sweeney nudity when he made his final cut, which doesn’t seem to make sense.

At least the Fraser nudity wasn’t Brendan Fraser.

By the way, I just watched Killers of the Flower Moon, and Brendan Fraser is almost as fat without the fat suit.

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This is a rather demented black comedy from Norway. On the surface, there is nothing weird about it. The story is told in a very straightforward fashion, and the photography is conventional (I enjoyed seeing Oslo again), but it’s such an odd satire that you may find it interesting. I know some of you can’t get past the firewall at the New York Times, so I included their very thorough review below.

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The Dallas Cowboys won their division and were playing at home, where they had not lost a game all year, building their home winning streak to 16 consecutive regular-season games. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers had made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth after a 3-6 start. Five teams with the same 9-8 record did NOT make it. The Pack had a losing record on the road. Dallas was a heavy favorite.

Things didn’t turn out as the Cowboys planned. The Pack started with a shocking 27-0 lead and never looked back, eventually piling up 48 points.

Good times in Wisconsin!

First it was the world’s largest gummy bear mosaic, and now this in the same week. It’s a round of cheese for everyone, on the house!

The author who wrote ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ has been convicted of killing her husband.

That’s pretty funny, but that’s only the set-up. The real story is that it will be a Lifetime movie with Cybill Shepherd as the killer and Steve Guttenberg as the husband!

The ultimate power couple, together at last.

Looks like the Stonecutters will not give up on Guttenberg, although he is now a senior citizen.

Joyce Randolph? Say what?

It seems impossible that Joyce Randolph could still have been alive. The Honeymooners went off the air 68 years ago and her co-stars have all been dead for at least 20 years. (Close to 40 years in Gleason’s case.) She was an adult during WW2. Of course, other people from The Greatest Generation have died recently, like Kissinger, Norman Lear, Tony Bennett and Sandra Day O’Connor, but Joyce Randolph is different. Since The Honeymooners, she has been basically out of sight, so unlike those others, she seems like someone from the very distant past. It’s like hearing that Charles De Gaulle just died.

In fact, De Gaulle seems more recent to me. I saw De Gaulle in person in 1967, and I probably haven’t even see an episode of The Honeymooners since the 50s. I’ll never forget seeing Le Grand Charles in person at Expo 67 in July of that year in Montreal. He sailed a good chunk of the French fleet up the St. Lawrence, then addressed the crowd from the top floor of the French pavillion, inciting them to a chant of Vive le Quebec Libre. He pulled the same stunt on the steps of city hall in Montreal!

Good thing Canada is a peaceful, polite land. Imagine if DeGaulle had done that in 1967 in New Orleans, urging a free Louisiana! What would LBJ have done to him? When Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson simply dared to make a Vietnam speech on American soil, LBJ actually manhandled him physically! LBJ grabbed Pearson by the shirt collar, lifted the prime minister off the floor and shouted, “You pissed on my rug!” Imagine that happening today between the heads of sovereign states that are supposed to be close allies.

Yeah, that LBJ was pretty macho, all right! You probably know that Lyndon was a creep and a bully. Pearson wore a bow tie, smoked like a chimney, and was nearly 70 years old at the time. He looked like Les Nessman. David Spade could have kicked his ass.

image host

You think these are contentious times? The sixties were not much different. Lester Pearson, although a career diplomat and the only Canadian Nobel Peace Prize winner, somehow always seemed to be in the middle of the controversies. After LBJ grabbed his lapels and shook him, he would never enter the USA again in an official capacity.

That said, Pearson was not a total wimp. After DeGaulle made his controversial speech in Montreal, Pearson told DeGaulle to get out of Canada and stay the hell out – and by golly, he did!


Anyway, back to The Honeymooners! I mean I’m an old coot, and even I don’t remember the original broadcasts of that show. I know it only from the syndicated reruns in the following few years, and I probably haven’t even seen those since I was in elementary school. I do remember that my dad thought that Ed Norton (Art Carney) was hilarious. I guess that’s true. I don’t remember the show that well, but I remember that Carney would make rubbery, loose-limbed moves, so he was like the original Kramer.

To the moon, Alice.

You too, Trixie.

You probably already realized this, because the people who read this blog are not morons, but for the record …

They are not ETs. The “Non-human alien corpses” from Peru that made the headlines this past summer are just dolls made of human bones, animal bones, paper and glue.

And they are not even very old dolls. They are held together “with modern synthetic glues, therefore they were not assembled during pre-Hispanic times.”