“Out near California’s Yosemite National Park, a group of nuns is growing, harvesting and producing their own line of cannabis products.”

“Known as the Sisters of the Valley, the women are not associated with any traditional religion. Rather, they see themselves as feminist healers. But through their cannabis ventures, the collective is known to go by another name: the ‘weed nuns.'”

(NOTE: they only produce CBD products. No THC. Or so they claim.)

Full name of the film: La fessée ou Les mémoires de monsieur Léon maître-fesseur

Description: “Monsieur Léon has two jobs: bank clerk during the day and spanker at night. First called to solve the sexual problems of his boss, he will not stop there. Aided by his milkmaid who will serve as secretary, he soon acquired a renown as master-spanker.”

This was obviously inspired by one of the plays in Ibsen’s “Master” cycle. While the Master Builder is better known, the Master Spanker appears to have a lot more laughs. And what a funny guy Ibsen was! He himself was known as the Master Jester.

Part 1

“In other financial news, more and more people are buying cryptocurrencies, which appeal to investors because the cryptocurrency market is not controlled by the government. Instead it is controlled by 13-year-old Justin Weeblemonger of Teaneck, N.J., who runs the whole shebang out of his PlayStation 5. (Justin also controls airline fares.)”

The Washington Post has both parts, if you can get past their pay wall.

When this film came out, it generated a certain amount of buzz around two things:

1. There were love scenes between Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster.

About sixteen years earlier, they had performed arguably the most famous love scene of all time in From Here to Eternity, a scene that had the censors in a tizzy and had sent the moral guardians of 1953 into full outrage mode.  People were curious to see them together again.

2. Deborah Kerr was naked.

Deborah was a formidable performer and a renowned beauty, but she had never done a nude scene in the prime of her career, which had taken place in the 1950s, a decade in the heart of Hollywood’s Non-Nude Years (1935-1962). Nobody expected her to get naked in 1969, when she was nearly 50 years old, but Kerr stripped for her romantic screen reunion with Lancaster. It is the only time she bared her breasts on film.

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