Alexandra Daddario in her new film, Lost Girls and Love Hotels.

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A third .gif – focusing on butts.

(Samples below)

As you may have read here or elsewhere, her nudity has been reduced significantly since the first cut of the film, when it was called I Am Not a Bird. (The film was shot years ago, but was not released until this month – officially on the 18th.)

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New pics 09/04:

Marilyn Lima in “une sirène Paris”:


Cécile De France in “un monde plus grand”:

Laura Smet in “la garçonne”:


Noémie Kocher in “la garçonne”:


Zoé Besmond de Bonneville in “la garçonne”:


Caroline Borderieux in “la garçonne”:

Zina Esepciuc in “la garçonne”:

French version, with comments

Charlie’s archives

Since 1982 the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest has challenged participants to write an atrocious opening sentence to a hypothetical bad novel.

“She sauntered into his smoke-filled office with legs that, although they didn’t go quite all the way to heaven, definitely went high enough for him to see that she was a giraffe.”

“Handsome French policeman, Andre Poiret, grappled with the puffed-up albino hitman, who was about to shoot the beautiful high-class call girl, Gigi Lamour, who was taking a shower in her apartment, with his big gun.”

“When Sir John of York fought in the crusades, he killed many Saracens with great dispatch, and was likened unto a whirling dervish of steel and Christian might—minus the dizziness from constantly spinning in a circle, and the fact that he was on a horse that couldn’t do that.”