Trump’s team wants Kanye on the ballot in swing states.

His theory seems to be that Kanye, although basically a Trumpite, will not cannibalize any votes from Trump’s hardcore racist base. On the other hand, Kanye might pick off a few black voters from Biden in states where every vote is critical.

Trump gets rejected overwhelmingly by black voters (he literally got 0% of black women in 2016):

So two of his most important goals in 2020 will be to keep black people from voting in general, and failing that, to keep them from casting votes for Biden.


NOTE that I specifically recommended long ago that the Democrats employ this exact strategy – use their own resources to promote a candidate to the right of Trump. Call him the Freedom Party candidate, wrap him in the flag, and get him on the ballot in the swing states – because that’s the kind of thing Republicans would do (and are now doing). I also correctly noted that the Dems would never do so because they are pussies. Republicans have many flaws, but they are not pussies. Their goal is to win elections and to get there they will endure any hardship, tell any lie, make any ridiculous or disingenuous promise, and employ any hate-mongering strategy that will help them do so. They know that once you win the elections, you make the rules, and that a major election is so crucial that one cannot afford to leave anything on the table in pursuit of victory.

As I predicted, the Democrats never considered this strategy (which is perfectly legal). Modern Democrats don’t fight back. They let you hit them while they whimper about it being unfair. LBJ would have done what I suggested, because he was not a pussy and knew how to kick some elephant ass, and he knew that you can’t do good if you don’t get the power. These new Dems think they can defeat Trump with compassion, decency, truth, sincerity and healing crystals. Good luck with that. How’d that work out in 2016 when those tactics put Trump in the White House and eventually put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supremes?

In the immortal words of the great Ric Flair, “If you wanna BE the man, you gotta BEAT the man.” The sensitive, woke, wimpy-shit line ain’t beatin’ anyone. Trump eats that shit for breakfast, just before he bathes in the blood of adorable, freshly-killed golden retriever puppies. COVID bungling notwithstanding, he will be formidable. He will lie, he will cheat, he will undermine, and he will use Bill Barr and the Senate Republicans to drum up October/November surprises. Don’t think you can beat him with decency and fair play alone. Do NOT count him out. And do not forget that his stakes are much higher this time. In 2016, it was win or do his reality show. In 2020, it is win or go to prison. He is a desperate man, and he will get more and more desperate as November approaches, so when he is down, do not let him up. Kick him in the figurative nuts.

Talk about political correctness.

Saldana is a black Latina. Simone was a darker-skinned black woman, so Saldana wore make-up to make her look more like Simone. So now she is apologizing for wearing “blackface.”

Scoop’s new laws:

(1) From now on, nobody can play a non-fictional role unless they look exactly like the person they are playing.
(2) While make-up and prosthetics are not allowed to enhance the illusion, surgical alteration is permissible. (If you are willing to make yourself look exactly like Bob Dylan in real life, you can play him in a movie.)
(3) Unless the actor’s skin is darker than the skin of the person they are playing, ala “Hamilton.”