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Virginie Efira in “Benedetta”:


Daphné Patakia in “Benedetta”:


Guilaine Londez in “Benedetta”:

Louise Chevillotte in “Benedetta”:

Alexia Chardard in “Benedetta”:

Léa Seydoux in “Tromperie” & “Story of my wife:


Marina Hands in “Mytho”:


Marie-Sophie Ferdane in “la dame aux camélias”:

Joana Preiss in “la dame aux camélias”:

Océane Caïraty in “la dame aux camélias”:


Ophélia Kolb in “on n’efface pas les souvenirs”:

Annelise Hesme in “on n’efface pas les souvenirs”:

Lauira Auclair in “frérots”:

Tamara Saade in “Agata Mousse”:

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McConnell thinks he is pretty tough and crafty.

Hell, he’s not even close to being the cagiest, toughest, slimiest guy to be a Senate leader. Here is what the real master, Lyndon Johnson, would do in McConnell’s place.

1. In a secret backdoor deal, he would make whatever promises are necessary to get Manchin to switch parties.
2. It would be important NOT to announce the move until the time is right.
3. He would then give in to Democrats on eliminating the filibuster. They would be easily duped into doing so, thinking they had won a great victory.
4. Manchin would then officially switch parties and begin caucusing with the GOP.
5. Checkmate.

At that point, McConnell, possessed by Lyndon’s ghost, would have control of the Senate with the votes necessary to pass anything his heart desires, because with the filibuster gone, all Senate votes would require only 51 votes. He would also have the ability to reject all of Biden’s judicial nominations. He would also have the ability to take over the chairmanship of all committees, effectively suppressing many facets of the Senate investigations into Trump and January 6th.

Could reincarnated Lyndon find a way to coerce or persuade Manchin to change teams? You bet. How about chairmanship of any committees he likes, and all the money he wants for his next re-election campaign from conservative super-PACs. And those are only the carrots. If he failed with those alone, the ever-ruthless Lyndon would bring out the sticks.

McConnell tough? Lyndon, wherever he is, presumably looking up from the lowest rings of hell, is laughing at Mitch and calling him a pussy, as Trump did today! Lyndon and Trump were a lot alike – egomaniacs, megalomaniacs, narcissists … dicks. Of course, as the other American Pie kids said to Stifler:

Yup, at least Lyndon was OUR dick.

The Idaho constitution gives the Lt. Governor all gubernatorial powers as Acting Governor while the governor is out of state. That’s nutty enough to begin with, since it means that the governor can’t really go fishing in Montana unless he trusts his Lt.

Idaho legalities are not today’s discussion, however, but rather the executive orders that the Lt. chose to issue.

  • Silly: banning all schools from imposing vaccine or testing requirements. That was merely silly because the governor was able to reverse the orders as soon as he returned.
  • Extremely silly: trying to call out the Idaho National Guard for deployment to the Mexican border.

The Lt Governor did something similar the last time the governor left the state, and the governor had to roll that action back as well.

When she did this scene in episode 4 of The Act, it didn’t draw that much attention because she wasn’t very well known. Although she was 19 and making her nude debut, she attracted no support in our annual poll of the best nude scenes. I think it would be different if she had done this scene this year. The Kissing Booth films have since put her on the map, and she seems on the cusp of stardom.

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Here’s her latest: