William Goldman has passed away at 87.

No matter what kind of movie you like, he probably wrote at least one of your favorites. He wrote The Princess Bride (book and movie), Marathon Man (book and movie), Butch Cassidy, Chaplin, and All the President’s Men, among others.

He also wrote the ultimate inside view of Hollywood, a book called Adventures in the Screen Trade.

5 Surprising Reasons Actors Turned Down Major Movie Roles

That headline in quotation marks is misleading. Krasinski didn’t “turn down” Captain America because they never offered it to him. He did, however, realize at audition time that he wasn’t Cap material.

Lisa Bonet in one of the sexiest performances in history, in Angel Heart (1987).

Angel Heart is a combination horror movie and detective film noir (bayou sub-genre), and it’s a terrific example of a filmmaker completely controlling the film’s spooky, ominous atmosphere. The plot is incredibly complicated and confusing, and the details sometimes seem to make no sense, but that may actually be an asset in this case, in that it takes the film deeper into your head, and makes it seem even darker and more mysterious. What we do know is that a low-rent detective named Harry Angel is hired by a mysterious client to find Johnny Favorite, a missing singer. It seems that Mr. Favorite was one serious sleazebag, engaged in some blasphemously evil practices.

At one time I wanted to figure out some of the most confusing details, so I read the prize-winning book upon which the film is based, then lent it to a friend to read. Between the two of us, we had no more clue after reading and discussing the book than before we started it. I think you have to just accept that it is some dark, evil stuff, and forget about trying to tie it down with tight logic. I can’t say much more because the mystery is much more fun if you try to solve it along with Harry Angel.