“British daredevil sailor is forced to delay solo attempt to cross the Atlantic in a tiny 3ft boat after discovering his boat takes on water

While that seems like a good enough reason for the delay, you’d think he might have tested that in advance.

“Mr Bedwell, who works as a yacht and sailmaker, plans to make modifications and relaunch the boat, which took three years to build and has a top speed of two-and-a-half miles per hour.”

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Johnny Moronic’s VHS videos and movie review are here. To my knowledge, it has never been released in any HD or other digital format.

This is the same Laura Branigan that sang “Gloria.”

Per Wikipedia:

“Branigan died in her sleep at her lodge in East Quogue, New York, on August 26, 2004, aged 52. The cause was attributed to a previously undiagnosed cerebral aneurysm. It was reported that she had been experiencing persistent headaches for several weeks before her death, but had sought no medical attention for them.”