This week in the NFL:

Drew Brees set the all-time record for the most completed passes.

The Buffalo Bills got their first win in spectacular fashion – by amassing a 27-0 halftime lead on the road.

The once-mighty Patriots dropped to 1-2 as previously winless Detroit gave them a 26-10 beatdown. Brady had a QB rating of 65 with only 14 completions.

The Titans and Jaguars played one of the most boring games in history, a 9-6 yawner with only 465 yards from scrimmage for both teams added together.

Still undefeated: the Dolphins, Chiefs and Rams at 3-0. Tampa Bay can join them if they win the Monday night game.

The week in college football:

There were no significant upsets in the top echelon this week. The top 12 teams all won, although Stanford and Oklahoma required an overtime to pull it off.

The Stanford result was no surprise since they played Oregon, which is also excellent (#20 coming in).

The Oklahoma game was another story. They definitely showed a few chinks in the armor by nearly losing a home game to Army, and producing fewer yards from scrimmage than the unheralded Knights. The Oklahoma weakness was their rushing defense, which allowed 339 yards on the ground to the cadets. (That’s slightly misleading because Army rarely passes. But still – if you know it’s going to be a rushing play, which it almost always is with Army, you should have more success slowing it down.)

Further down the list, there will be some shake-ups in next week’s polls:

#13 Virginia Tech was blown out of the water, allowing 49 points to lowly, previously winless Old Dominion. Allowing Old Dominion to score 28 in the fourth quarter will probably drop VT totally off the Top 25 list. (And would cost the defensive co-ordinator his job in a just world.)

#14 Mississippi State was shellacked by … (wait for it) … Kentucky! The Wildcats are no longer the patsy of the SEC. They are 4-0, with two conference wins, both of which came against Top 25 teams (at the time). Kentucky will probably climb into the Top 25, so it seems their fans will now have something to do before basketball season.

#15 Oklahoma State lost big at home (41-17).

#17 TCU dropped a road game to the Longhorns.

#23 Boston College was pummeled by lowly Purdue, which had not previously won a game. But at least BC got to sniff the Top 25 list, if only for a moment. Don’t expect them back. The ACC is tough. They Eagles face a grueling second-half schedule and will probably finish with 4-5 losses.

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick got VERY friendly in A Simple Favor.

SPOILER ALERT: this is a complicated, twisty thriller, and seems to be a pretty good one based on the reviews, so you might want to see it. If you don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the film, read no further . Even the image gallery is a spoiler in a way.

The gallery linked above includes several “cam” shots of the new film. There are some of a butt which belongs to Blake Lively’s character.

(Well, ONE of her characters. It’s complicated. At one point she skinny-dips with herself. ) At this moment I can’t say whether the butt belongs to her or a body double, but it does look like the butt from the leaked pictures of her a few years ago.

The plot of the movie, however, does involve a nude painting of Lively Here are all the details in a review filled with spoilers.