Ivanka and Jared Reportedly Pointed Fingers at John Kelly for NYT Op-Ed

“although they blame Kelly’s deputy, Zachary Fuentes, for doing the actual writing.”

“Jared and Ivanka have told people they suspect this because Kelly is the only one with an ego so large as to have convinced himself that he’s saving the country from Trump, which was one of the op-ed’s principal arguments.”

The same characterization (inflated ego) was formerly applied to Al Haig after the assassination attempt on President Reagan, and earlier during the negotiations to get Nixon out the door. That’s a fairly close parallel to Watergate. Haig was also a general, and was also a chief of staff – in his case to two different Presidents. I suppose he thought he was saving the country from Nixon.

Remember when Trump attacked Woodward’s book because he doesn’t talk like that? About that …

He says he couldn’t have called Jeff Sessions “retarded” or a “dumb Southerner,” because he’s a refined gentleman who would “never use those terms on anyone.”

Except …

We already discovered that he regularly says “retarded.” Now it turns out that he also has said “dumb Southerners” – about his former in-laws!

A famous 87-year-old Russian actor is divorcing his 27-year-old wife because she has refused to have sex with him.

Why would I link to crap like that, you wonder.

Well, point one, look at the title of the blog up there.

Point two, there is no point two.

Third and most important, because of the REASON she won’t have sex with him – she was worried about getting pregnant.

VID-LINK: Olivia Culpo in M Squad [S1E1]: Booty Edition

I guess this isn’t the same M-Squad that starred Lee Marvin. Great character actor, but he rarely wore a thong.

OK, I’m being disingenuous. I know the new one is actually called Model Squad. I just needed an excuse to feature this great old clip from M Squad, featuring Our Man Flint and Mr. Spock as a couple of low-lifes.

“The reason Pluto lost its planet status is not valid”

The study recommends classifying a planet based on whether it is large enough that its gravity allows it to become spherical in shape.

“And that’s not just an arbitrary definition. It turns out this is an important milestone in the evolution of a planetary body, because apparently when it happens, it initiates active geology in the body. Pluto, for instance, has an underground ocean, a multilayer atmosphere, organic compounds, evidence of ancient lakes and multiple moons. It’s more dynamic and alive than Mars. The only planet that has more complex geology is the Earth.”

New Super-High-Resolution Map Shows Antarctica In Unprecedented Detail

Of course, it’ll be kind of difficult to download the entire thing unless your internet connection and computer can handle a single file that occupies 140 terabytes, but the site also offers strips and tiles in full resolution or various parts of the continent in reduced resolution. Even the lowest-res  material, designed for posters, is pretty great!

Rudy says: Trump will not answer questions about obstruction, in person or in writing

Obviously. No lawyer would let him testify on that subject. Every possible scenario is bad.

If he testifies truthfully, he’s sunk on obstruction.

If he testifies falsely, he’s sunk on perjury.

If he takes the Fifth, he’s safe legally, but totally sunk politically, since he’s essentially admitting that he has to be quiet to avoid incriminating himself.

The only feasible strategy is to argue that a sitting President can’t be compelled to testify, thus tying the matter up in the courts for a long time and eventually handing it over to a presumably friendly Supreme Court.