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Camille Goudeau in “blind sex”:



Léa Roskis in “blind sex”:

HUD Secretary Ben Carson claims Kavanaugh allegations are part of a centuries-old socialist plot

Oh, those wacky socialists! They are so picky about which right-wing judge Trump will get onto the Supreme Court!

Actually, I suppose the libs are playing a long game. It’s not just about rejecting Kavanaugh for yet another conservative Trump nominee.  If they can keep Trump from getting any nomination approved before the mid-terms, there is an outside chance (about 1 in 3, per 538) that they can take over the majority status in the Senate. If that happens, they may be able to keep a Trump nominee out of SCOTUS forever, by playing the Mitch McConnell game and waiting for Trump’s term to expire. And then they need to take the White House in 2020, although their current roster of candidates is not looking that strong.

And they have to hope that Mitch McConnell won’t play hardball if Kavanaugh fails, by rounding up his 51 votes before the next Congress is seated, then rushing the next nominee through the process with only perfunctory consideration. And McConnell, that wily fox, has historically been more than willing to play hardball!

The vague hope for that whole concatenation of circumstances (delay, avoid getting railroaded, take the Senate, take the White House) is really a long shot, but without it … hey, they got nothin’.

The Dodgers are the first team in NL history with seven 20-homer players

It’s tough to accomplish this in the NL because the pitchers still bat, so setting that record pretty much requires seven guys out of eight. The Dodgers have hit 218 homers as I type this, which is a high number (best in the league), but not anywhere near a record high, because they don’t have any players with more than 33 homers. They just have a well-balanced attack.

The Yankees already have 247 this year, fueled by 140 at home. The all-time team record for an entire season is 264 (1997 Mariners). The team record for the most round-trippers at home is 153 (2005 Rangers); the road record is 138 (2001 Giants).

Rod Rosenstein denies that he proposed taping Trump or invoking the 25th

The NY Times “cited several people, who were not named, who described the episodes that came in the spring of 2017 after FBI Director James Comey was fired. The newspaper’s sources also included people who were briefed on memos written by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.”

I’m not sure how much of this is subterfuge leaked by some pro-Trump people to the Times. With Cohen and Manafort singing like canaries, the President is running out of insulation, and desperately needs something to discredit the investigation.

But …

I think there may be at least some truth to the accusation, even though Rosenstein denies it. One great flaw in America’s legal process is that the President is theoretically in charge of investigating himself, because the FBI is the highly trained investigative arm of government, but the director of that agency, as a member of the executive branch, ultimately reports to the President. So when an FBI team is investigating a President suspected of corruption or other criminal activity, just how can it go about that in a way that produces a case “beyond a reasonable doubt”? Very tricky situation. I’m inclined to believe that the investigators would want to record their conversations with him.

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“Trump: I Should Have Fired James Comey ‘The Day I Won the Primaries’”

That would have been a challenge, considering Comey reported to Obama at the time.

Although Trump somehow became famous for saying “You’re fired,” he doesn’t seem to understand how this whole firing thing actually works. (I guess that’s obvious, since Zinke still has a job.)