Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick got VERY friendly in A Simple Favor.

SPOILER ALERT: this is a complicated, twisty thriller, and seems to be a pretty good one based on the reviews, so you might want to see it. If you don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the film, read no further . Even the image gallery is a spoiler in a way.

The gallery linked above includes several “cam” shots of the new film. There are some of a butt which belongs to Blake Lively’s character.

(Well, ONE of her characters. It’s complicated. At one point she skinny-dips with herself. ) At this moment I can’t say whether the butt belongs to her or a body double, but it does look like the butt from the leaked pictures of her a few years ago.

The plot of the movie, however, does involve a nude painting of Lively Here are all the details in a review filled with spoilers.

Anne Hathaway was only about 22 or 23 when she played the seductress in Havoc, and won the top spot on our poll of the Top Nude Scenes of 2005. She won that based on the usual formula – popular young actress gets naked for the first time – and not on the actual quality of the nudity.  Five years later she truly earned the top spot (actually TIED for the top spot) among the Top Nude Scenes of 2010 with her performance in Love and Other Drugs.

Hathaway is not the only actress to top the polls twice. Christina Ricci also did it. Others came close. Anna Paquin had a first and a second in successive years, and Marisa Tomei took two consecutive second place finishes. Here is the master list of top ten finishers by year, with links to the individual polls, and here’s the search engine which only covers the poll results.

As for the “shirt” reference above, that’s me pulling a Dennis Miller. You have to be a certain age to get the obscure reference (see below):


A wall across the Sahara isn’t as dumb as you and I thought. It turns out that Trump is an engineering genius, because a large one was built in the 1980s. It wasn’t built to keep immigrants out of Spain, but such a wall exists and is about 2000 miles long.

Of course there’s still that pesky issue of how Spain could build a wall across territory that doesn’t belong to them. Even if they got permission to build it, there’s the additional problem of how they would they maintain it and patrol it, given that it would require many soldiers and repair workers, but would not be on Spanish soil.

But it does seem that the engineering is not an issue. It has already been proven that some kind of wall can be built across thousands of miles of sand and rocks.