Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore topless (.gif)

Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore in Blame it on Rio.

Michelle was only 17 when filming began on this film.

Demi turned 21 during the shoot. The footage reveals what many people have forgotten – that Demi Moore had almost no breasts before she started tinkering with her body.

Michelle today

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3 thoughts on “Michelle Johnson and Demi Moore topless (.gif)

  1. I was a friend of Michelle’s on Facebook for several years. She typically wrote semi-bizarre, sometimes nearly nonsensical posts, often filled with spelling and grammar errors. I usually couldn’t figure out what she was trying to convey. She seemed depressed at times or at least unhappy (possibly drunk), somewhat lonely, and quite unintelligent. I’d see her strange posts randomly in the feed and think, “THIS is the beautiful naked gal from Blame It on Rio, who was able to hold her own with a great actor like Michael Caine?!” I think her film career never panned out, and it doesn’t appear like she ever really figured out what to do with her life. Just my opinion, admittedly from afar.

    1. That conforms to my impression of her, whether right or wrong. It’s a sad tale. She was Shakespeare’s poor player, who struts and frets her hour on the stage, then is heard no more.

  2. I feel guilty that I wrote “quite unintelligent.” It kinda stands out as overly judgmental, now that I read it again. I was only going by her atrocious spelling and incoherent posts. “Ditzy” would be a better description. But as you said, it is a sad story. Seemed like she had a bright future in 1984, but nothing ever happened and she completely disappeared. It can’t be all bad though; she occasionally posted pics having fun with her Hollywood friends and so forth. And a lot of pics from back in her 80’s prime (not surprisingly.) She’s never in the headlines as being an alkie or addict or showing bad behavior. I could never quite tell exactly what she does these days. Usually they become realtors, but not her; apparently she just kinda hangs out around L.A. and does occasional odd jobs vaguely within the entertainment field. I’d say she has about as much chance for a comeback as Heather Thomas.

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