We simply don’t know the story behind this picture of Maya Hawke with one breast exposed.

(That’s Uma’s daughter)

An internet sleuth found what he believed to be the original.

He wrote:

“I’m pretty sure that nude of Maya Hawke is a fake.

I did a Google image search because I wanted to see it in higher res, and it returned a set she did for Love Magazine. There is no nipple visible in that set but the image is otherwise identical. I opened them both in Photoshop and overlaid them. Same image but one was edited to open the vest a little more and add a nipple.”

But …

This has turned into quite a controversy, because the photographer’s Instagram page shows the bare-breasted one (BELOW, second pic in the series) so perhaps that is the original and Love magazine edited their version. (??)

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Just for fun, here is a colorized version.

The Houston Astros already have the best record in the AL. They just acquired Zach Greinke, at a humongous cost.

With the acquisition of Greinke, the Astros now have four of the eight best ERAs among AL pitchers. Greinke’s 2.90, which was actually earned in the NL, couples with Verlander, Cole and Miley, at 2.73, 2.94 and 3.06. (Verlander leads the league). Verlander and Cole are 1-2 in the AL in WHIP, while Greinke tops the NL!

So they will be “richer” in talent. In cash? Not so much. MLB has not released the details of how all of Greinke’s deferred payments are to be handled, but it appears that the ‘Stros have paid more than a hundred million dollars for two and a half years of Greinke.