“Nudity, war and shame are some of the themes of performances at the live art show, 11 Rooms, at the Manchester Art Gallery. Adrian Searle has some unnerving confrontations with work by artists including Marina Abramović, Simon Fujiwara and Laura Lima. Warning: Nudity and adult content

If you want to skip the nine minutes of pretentious twaddle and get to the female nudity, here are the captures.

The link is here. Pictured are:

  • Maeve Dermody in episode 1, as the woman with her top pulled down in front of a mirror.
  • Karla Crome in the crazy sex scene where she, as a fairy, flaps her wings during sex while coupling with a human, thus lifting them both off the ground during intercourse. That is a pretty cool scene. (That’s also in episode 1)
  • Cara Delevingne as a powerful fairy in episode 3.
  • Tamzin Merchant having sex with what looks like a a ram/human hybrid in episode 7, then in a post-coital moment with the same fantastical dude in episode 8.

Here is a brightened .gif of the Cara Delevingne scene

I think I have all of those correctly identified, but if there is any error, note it in the comments. (I only watched those episodes in fast-forward. I’m just not willing to devote eight hours of my time to this new fantasy series from Amazon Prime, because it’s not my kind of premise.)

If you are interested in the show itself, the Rotten Tomatoes reviews are here. As I type this, the % of positive reviews stands at a wishy-washy 51, but Amazon has already given the green light for a second season.

True enough. Trump has been loved in Puerto Rico since he brought the island glory with his widely acclaimed performance as Bernardo in the revival of West Side Story. Normally people would object to having a fat old white guy in brownface play a young Puerto Rican, but he was just so graceful, and he honored the culture so much, that everyone forgave him.