Epstein commits suicide after convincing people to take him off suicide watch

You might say he died as he lived – evading authority

Donald Trump re-tweeted a conspiracy theory about Epstein’s death :

” Yeah right! How does that happen? #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead .”

#ClintonBodyCount is now the #2 hashtag being propagated by the Russian bot network!

(Epstein also had information on Donald Trump, so #TrumpBodyCount is also trending! It’s “choose your outrageous conspiracy” day, bringing out the wingnuts from all sides.)

In fact, it also brought out the anarchist types who blame everyone in the system, on the left and right!

All of that is nonsense, but here’s something that isn’t, from the first story linked above: “Only the Program Coordinator will have the authority to remove an inmate from suicide watch.” So … (1) Who is the program coordinator (the psychologist in charge of the prison’s suicide prevention program)? (2) Why did he take Epstein off suicide watch?

I don’t believe this matter will disappear quickly.

And now back to the nonsense …

Now here’s my own personal conspiracy theory. The Bureau of Prisons is part of the executive branch (DoJ), so Epstein actually died while under Trump’s care. But the man most responsible for his death is the psychologist who took him off suicide watch, and many mental health professionals think Trump has some serious psychological disorders. So I think the shrink framed Trump!

Here’s my alternate theory: Epstein was trying to learn the Bossa Nova. Always blame it on the Bossa Nova.

12 thoughts on “Epstein commits suicide after convincing people to take him off suicide watch

  1. Why does it have to be about American politics at all? That guy had devastating info on hundreds of obscenely rich and powerful, essentially untouchable people.

    I do especially have to laugh when people on reddit say that Clinton is the most powerful one on the list though (I guess *maybe* 20 years ago he could have been).

    1. I feel that anyone coming up with a conspiracy theory that only casts blame on actors from just one side of the political spectrum is a deluded fool.
      Epstein potentially had dirt on powerful people from both sides of the aisle, and to insinuate that only one part of the political spectrum is breathing easier is foolish.

      1. I don’t know this Republican weird fetish with the Clintons. Do they not know most who vote Democrat could not give less of a fuck about Hillary OR Bill? It’s such a weird sentiment, this bizarre ‘elitism’ theory. Trump is the one with a cult on the right, you don’t see people going to Clinton rallies or proudly wearing Clinton merchandise because no one gives a shit.

        It was the same damn Southern/Midwest states that voted for her in the primaries that were not going to vote Democrat in the general election, regardless.

        I’m completely fine when, or if, the facts come out that everyone involved goes to jail. Al Franken resigned over some stuff that was on a level of about a 2/10 compared to Trump, meanwhile Republicans damn near voted in Roy Moore who was having sex with 14 year olds in his 30s.

        Its pretty clear which side of the political spectrum is much mire willing to accept heinous acts from one of their own here.

  2. I’d like to think Epstein’s death was really a botched attempt at auto erotic asphyxiation but I’d hate to think this turd died happy.

  3. I hate to disagree with you Scoop, but the person most responsible for Epstein’s suicide was Epstein. As for the decision to take Epstein off suicide watch, it was obviously a mistake. But if Epstein was determined his successful suicide was probably inevitable. I don’t know what’s involved in a prison suicide watch, but I do know someone that was on suicide watch in a psychiatric ward. That involved a staff member checking on them every 15 minutes. 15 minutes is more than enough time to die from hanging if your timing is right. If the watch on Epstein involved even more constant monitoring it probably involved a guard doing nothing but watching him. While Epstein was a scumbag, he was obviously an intelligent scumbag. It’s not that hard to know what a psychiatrist wants to hear from a suicidal person. Combine that with what must be the budget pressure of a full time Epstein watcher and it is easy to understand why Epstein was able to convince the doctor to take him off suicide watch.

    While it’s sad his victims won’t get the closure of a trial, I’m perfectly fine with him being gone from this planet and the government being spared the expense of prosecuting and incarcerating him.

    1. Mr. McChesney – I want to apologize to you for a post I made in a previous thread, a post about Nazi’s putting people in camps. You were right, it was stupid. I should not post when I am angry, because my intelligence drops like a rock. Once again, I am sorry.

    2. I don’t disagree with that. As I started off the post, Epstein died as he lived – evading authority. I’m guessing that he outfoxed the prison shrink, who probably has too large a case load.

      But I have to think that shrink has to take a lot of responsibility for getting bamboozled like that.

  4. Or “d”: none of the above, and he’s not dead at all but has merely been relocated.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Yes, I said this as well.

      The Epstein who died is the character from Welcome Back Kotter.

      1. Please excuse Jeffrey for being absent from prison yesterday.


        Epstein’s mother.

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