North Korea is back to threatening the USA

And they do not like Mike Pompeo.

Although, to be fair, not many people do like Mike Pompeo.

2 thoughts on “North Korea is back to threatening the USA

  1. Waiting for the Orange Buffoon to tell NK that “You don’t talk that way to the United States” (the US now apparently synonymous with the OB in his “mind”). But silly me – I know that sort of talk is reserved for real enemies, like Denmark.

    1. Too busy driving the economy into the recession with his once again random tariff of China, and retaliation. No one likes China, but cutting off your hand to spite someone else, if not an efficient strategy. The money lost in the exchange and farmer welfare money could have been spent on a number of much more useful things.

      Maybe like a highly organized and qualified CyberSecurity task force to deal with the consistent breaches of China and Russia into citizens information, and dangerously into our infrastructure?

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