12 Records That Were Set at the 2019 Emmy Awards

Billboard really cares about this stuff. They watch these records like I follow baseball records.

There are so many shows on TV or streaming service now that I don’t even recognize the names of some of the award winners (e.g. Bandersnatch). In other cases, I have heard that the shows are good (e.g. Fleabag), but either the premise doesn’t interest me or I just don’t have enough hours in the day to watch them and do everything else I want to do.

8 thoughts on “12 Records That Were Set at the 2019 Emmy Awards

  1. I doubt if the article mentions this record…

    Only 6.9 million people watched last night’s Emmys – the first time in history that fewer than 7m people have watched.

    They have managed to set a new all-time low each of the past 4 years. In fact, there were 42% less viewers last night vs 2015.

    1. Yeah, fewer people give a shit who even wins the statues. Of those, a smaller fraction want to watch a three-hour circle-jerk about it.

      Hey, even if nothing else good is on another channel, now there’s the option of streaming something you like.

      1. That’s true, there are seemingly endless streaming options available these days. I even canceled my cable last year…but between Netflix, Prime, and even YouTube, it’s impossible to keep up!

  2. Supposedly there are over 500 scripted shows that are being produced right now. Who has the time to watch all that? I can’t even keep track of all the different streaming platforms.

    Back when I was a kid, you had 3 TV networks and 40-50 shows, maybe 4 of which were actually worth watching. Life was simpler back then.

    1. Yeah, and our moms would say we were spending too much time in front of the “idiot box”.

      Yeah, life was simpler, but Our old shows can’t hold a candle to something like “Game of Thrones”.

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