The site says:

“ALINA BOYKO is some Russian model because during communism, Russia killed off all the uglies that were bringing down their perfectly designed communist ideals … cuz no community with uglies will prosper … “

I’m not sure who she is, but from her name I’m guessing she’s not Russian at all, but Ukrainian. And based on the pic of her sitting down and leaning back on the home appliances, I’m assuming that those breasts are not the original factory equipment. But she is cute! The washer/dryer/stove photo reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer.


  • The final WaPo poll actually predicted that Trump would lose the popular vote by four points, with an MOE of +-2.5. Trump actually lost by 2.1 points, comfortably within the margin of error.
  • ABC/WaPo, according to the stats nerds at 538, is the best polling organization. They earn the rare A+ rating.
  • Every major polling organization shows Sleepy Joe with at least an eight-point lead at the moment.

If Trump were a rational man with normal levels of impulse control, he could have properly responded that polls taken more than a year before the election have a very low predictive value. Worded another way, September of 2019 “don’t mean jack shit.” All that matters is November of 2020.

And, of course, November of 2024, 2028 and especially 2032, when an 86-year-old Trump finally breaks FDR’s record of winning four presidential elections.

That FDR – what a loser!

John Bolton offered that enigmatic and ominous promise about his service with and exit from DJT.

Bolton vs Trump – who cares? Vince McMahon did not become that rich by getting heels to face-off. Ya gots ta have a babyface.

Although I would not object if the face-off occurred in the one place where all celebrity feuds should be settled – Thunderdome.

Hot scene from Strike Back (s2e9)

Strike Back is a guilty pleasure for me. I shouldn’t like it based on my usual preferences. Oh, sure, the action sequences are pretty great for a TV show, but just about every scene involves the team escaping unscathed from a completely impossible situation, often through some cheesy deus ex machina. Every season’s story line is exactly the same as every previous season’s, except in a different location, with a different master villain, a different insider betraying them, and a slightly different crisis. I think they just write their scripts like “mad libs.”

And yet, predictable as it is, I watch it faithfully season after season, and I’ll probably be tuning in for season eight next year.

Oh sure, I believe him. I just figured that Wilbur Ross woke up one day and thought, “I’m going to tell our weather scientists to stop telling the truth.” Yeah, he just did it as a goof. What a rascal! Funny, funny little guy. After all, Wilbur just has that wacky sense of humor, and the Secretary of Commerce has nothing more important on his plate.

One detail in the original story was especially damning for Ross’s role in the scandal. Apparently Mulvaney did not tell Ross to start firing people if they failed to comply. The little weasel added that detail on his own!

As I said, funny guy!