Fourteen whole days in the hoosegow? And I’m pretty sure she won’t be working in the hot sun on a chain gang. She’ll probably go to one of those facilities with tennis courts and nourishing breakfasts. Well that should scare off potential future offenders. Let’s see: the reward is that I get my kids into the best schools, and the risk if I get caught is 14 days at Club Fed. Yeah, I think people will continue to take that chance.

Supporting that position is the fact that Aunt Becky is now regretting that she refused a plea deal. She would have pleaded guilty if she knew she would basically get off scot-free.

Interestingly, Bill Macy was never charged with any complicity in the crime.

Lea Thompson’s scene in All The Right Moves had the same impact in its day as Katie Holmes’s in The Gift.

Tom Cruise really broke out in 1983. In addition to this film, three other starring vehicles were also released that year: Risky Business, The Outsiders, and the more obscure Losin’ It, which was an early directorial effort from Curtis Hanson.

An old friend that I have not seen in years claimed that Hollywood stole his script for Losin’ It. I believed him. He was a professional writer, and showed me a script he had written called Tequila Sunrise. I could see that it was almost identical to Losin’ It, which I had seen. (And I enjoyed it, although I seem to have been one of the very few who did.) I believed him because he showed me that script right around when Losin’ It was released, so it’s not like he would have watched an unsuccessful movie, then went to the trouble of typing the entire script with a few modifications. He ultimately decided to drop legal action when his lawyer and agent advised him that there was nothing to sue for except a name on the credits of possible future home releases of a failed movie. (It finished in 15th place on its opening weekend.)

After all, even if his story was true and provable, the fact remained that Curtis Hanson had essentially directed his script and Tom Cruise starred in it, and the movie still bombed, so those bragging rights weren’t worth a lot.

To add insult to injury, five years later somebody also used his title to make another mediocre movie (but that might have been a coincidence).

TV Line’s summary.

“Alec almost got the role of Batman in 1989 but the part went to Michael Keaton because he actually had chemistry with Kim Basinger.”

Nikki Glaser to Robert DeNiro: ” “I can’t believe I get to share this stage with you. And by this stage, I mean the final stage of your life.”

Alec Baldwin to Blake Griffin: “You’re a remarkable man, Blake. I wish we were as close as your eyes are.”

Blake Griffin to Caitlyn Jenner: “Your gender reassignment surgery proved that no one in that family wants a white dick.”