Needless to say (when you consider the source), the Biden connection is utterly concocted. Like the famous Uranium One “scandal” there is not one word of truth to the whole Biden/Ukraine story, other than that Joe Biden did tell Ukraine they needed to remove the prosecutor in order to get US loan guarantees.

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A nice, large version of her famous youthful nudity in Dangerous Liaisons


I guess you can debate whether her screen nudity debut was in this film or Baron Munchausen. It depends on whether you define it by when she did it or when it was seen. This film was released earlier in both the UK and the USA, but Munchausen was filmed earlier. I suppose the filming date would mean that Munchausen was the first time she undressed for a film, so we can call that her debut by that definition, even if the film was not released quickly enough for it to be seen first. I have to agree that it is more sensible to define it by when she first undressed for a film.

OF NOTE: Munchausen was lensed between September 21, 1987 and March, 1988, so Uma was 17 at the time. She would not turn 18 until a month after filming ended. Uma’s having posed nude for a mainstream film at age 17 was not considered as scandalous at the time as it would be today. It was fairly common for mainstream films to feature nude scenes from actresses less than 18. Some examples: you all know about Brooke Shields, who was 12 when she bared all to play a child prostitute in Pretty Baby; Phoebe Cates was 17 she bared all in Paradise; Nastassja Kinski was 14 when she did her full-frontal scene in To The Devil a Daughter. The Brooke Shields nude scenes were shocking then, and even more so now, because she clearly looked like a child, but I don’t remember any intense discussions about Cates or Kinski when those films were released.

“Too many adjectives” – as in “Too many notes, Mr. Mozart.”

Good to see that the Catholic Church is not afraid to take on the powerful adjective lobby.

Soon, they may have enough confidence to take on the moguls who control Big Adverb.

By the way, while we are getting rid of those pesky adjectives, let me suggest starting with “infallible.”

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As someone that went to high school with Jon Cryer, I can definitively state that I was NOT the one that took his virginity. I can say the same thing about Jon Favreau (who also went to high school with him), mainly because I didn’t actually know either of them at the time. For the record, the Bronx High School of Science has a a student body of about 3200 students. Cryer was a senior my freshman year and Favreau a junior so it’s not too surprising I didn’t know them. I learned about Jon Cryer when his film with Demi Moore, No Small Affair, was released because it was a big deal a just graduated student was starring in a movie. I have not however ever seen it.

I had no idea Favreau went to Bronx Science until reading it somewhere about a decade ago. Interestingly, Tom Holland spent a day attending classes at Bronx Science, prior to playing Peter Parker/Spider-man. That was because, in the film, Peter Parker attends an elite high school focused on science. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was arranged by Favreau, who of course costarred in both Marvel Spider-Man films.

There are three specialized science high schools in NYC whose admissions are entirely based on a competitive admissions exam. They are Stuyvesant HS, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech. Despite his son attending Brooklyn Tech, former presidential candidate and part time Mayor Bill DiBlasio has called for abolishing the examinations because too few black and Latino students are admitted to these schools. There were a significantly larger percentage of such students admitted when I was in high school (though they were still under represented as compared to the NYC population). Columbia University Professor John McWhorter has speculated that fewer black and Latino do well on the exam today because gifted students are no longer “tracked” into honors classes in lower grades and thus prepared to do well on the exam.

I bring this up because I think it’s quite amusing to cite John McWhorter in a discussion of Jon Cryer’s virginity.

In theory, both will be complete and unredacted.

UPDATE: Apparently the whistleblower complaint will be redacted.

UPDATE: The DoJ has released its memo concerning the whistleblower complaint.

UPDATE: Here is the transcript of the phone conversation.

The Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel opinion, which was released today, says the whistleblower’s complaint centers on the July phone call between the President and the Ukrainian president, the rough transcript of which was released by the White House earlier today.

The opinion further notes that the intelligence community inspector general said the whistleblower, who is still unknown to the Justice Department, as having “some indicia of an arguable political bias.”

Even so, the inspector general determined that the whistleblower’s complaint was credible, that Trump’s actions could be a violation of the campaign finance law.

Notably, yesterday the General Counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence wrote in a letter to the whistleblower’s attorney, that the whistleblower acted in “good faith.”

I am reserving all judgment on this for now.

  • We don’t know who the whistleblower is or what (if any) axes he has to grind.
  • We don’t know how much the whistleblower actually knows. Some have suggested he or she had to rely on second- or third-hand knowledge of the events or phone calls in question.

We shall see.