52 dingers. Not a bad rookie season, eh? (With two more to play.)

Alonso had a bit of a slump in July when he batted .177 with “only” six homers, but he battled right back in the following two months. There’s really no knock on the kid. His clutch stats are excellent: he actually batted better in the late innings of close games. His splits are non-existent: he hits right handers as well as southpaws. And he’s as strong as an ox.

In other MLB news, the ten playoff teams have now been determined, but there is one matter still unresolved. The Brewers and Cardinals are both in the post-season, but one of them will go in as a division champ, while the other will have to participate in the much-despised play-in game. The Cards are more likely to win the division. As I type this, they have a one-game edge and have the easier schedule. They will finish the season with two home games. The Brewers have two on the road, and to make it worse, the games are at Coors, where the Rockies are quite competent. (The Rocks are over .500 at home, but finished a pathetic 28-53 on the road.) At the risk of being drummed out of Wisconsin, I have to opine that the Cards deserve it. They have a better team even when the Brewers’ star, Christian Yelich, is healthy, which he currently is not. You do have to tip your cap to the way that the Brew-crew finished the season. Yelich is currently the NL leader in both OBP and slugging, so it was a big loss when he went down, but going into Friday’s game, they had won 13 of 15 without him, leaving the Cubs in the dust.

Condolences go to the Cleveland Indians, who have a better record than THREE of the National League’s post-season teams, but will be watching the playoffs on TV.

As of this moment, the Astros, Dodgers and Yankees are more or less co-favorites to win the World Series, according to Vegas. I have no horse in the race, but I am impressed by Houston’s formidible pitching staff. As I type this, their four regular starters are 61-18, a winning percentage of .772.

President Trump told two senior Russian officials in a 2017 Oval Office meeting that he was unconcerned about Moscow’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election because the United States did the same in other countries.”

What makes this particularly noteworthy and confusing is that Trump was publicly denying that such interference had ever happened. Looking back on it through the prism of this revelation, we see that he obviously realized that it had happened, and by his statements to the Russians, he invited its continuance.

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to create a fake Trump pee tape. Here it is.

Twitter version

Slate’s analysis of the tape. Slate’s key points: (1) it can’t be real, but (2) somebody worked very hard and spent a lot of money trying to make it look real, then just let it languish in obscurity. (It has been around since January, with almost no attention drawn to it.)

That’s a surprise!

We are about to enter a period which may someday be viewed as America’s darkest hour since WW2, perhaps worse that WW2 in one sense. At least then we stood united against a common enemy. Now all we do is fight with one another. It’s more like the Civil War.

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Democrats on this very committee negotiated with people who they thought were Ukrainians in order to obtain nude pictures of Trump.”

You have to love the fact that even Devin Nunes, The Donald’s faithful lap dog, now refers to him as “Trump,” not “President Trump.” Of course, he may have meant Ivanka or Melania, in which case, I approve of that committee.

By the way, all kidding aside, Nunes is totally right. Every important Democrat wants nude pictures of President Trump. Hey, who wouldn’t? There is a rumor that this is a photograph of the wall in Hillary Clinton’s bedroom, which she looks at when she rubs one out.

(Oh, sure, you probably think of Hillary as some sort of sexless granny who spends her days lost in the woods. The truth is that she is a twisted sexual dynamo with an unquenchable thirst for Republican jizz.)


(UPDATE: Nunes seems to be referring to this story.)