It appears that Christian Yelich “backed into” the batting average crown by missing the last three weeks. He edged Ketel Marte .3292 to .3286. ESPN’s stats are not MLB’s official ones, but has the same info. Yelich also led the NL in OBP and slugging. In fact, he led the majors in slugging.

Mike Trout led the AL in both OBP and slugging.

Pete Alonso did achieve the undisputed rookie HR record with 53.

Eugenio Suarez hit 49 homers, thus improving his HR total for the fifth consecutive year. In every year since his rookie season, he has hit least five homers more than the previous year. Unless he suddenly turns into Barry Bonds, he has just about run out of room to improve. (4-13-21-26-34-49)

The Houston Astros had the only 20-game winners in baseball. It is an impossible choice between Verlander and Cole for the Cy Young:

Verlander 21-6, 2.58 ERA, .80 WHIP, 300K
Cole 20-5, 2.50 ERA, .89 WHIP, 326K

They finished 1-2 in the league in wins, ERA, WHIP and Ks

Jorge Soler led the AL with 48 dingers. In his previous five years he hit 5-10-12-2-9. I won’t start calling him “Brady” unless he falls back to 9 next year.

Freak home run years:
Brady Anderson, three successive years (1995-1997): 16-50-18
Ned Williamson, three successive years (1883-1885): 2-27-3 *
Jorge Soler: 9-48-?? **

Asterisks explained in (excruciating) depth after the jump.

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Informative, comprehensive, multi-dimensional report by the WaPo

On the one hand, neither Hunter Biden nor Joe did anything wrong.

On the other hand, it’s complicated. Why didn’t Joe make an effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety?

I can’t answer that question, but I have four grown children, and they decide how to spend their own lives, even when their actions might be strongly contrary to what I would or did advise. The key point is this – they ignore my advice based on what they perceive to be best for THEM, so I rarely bother offering it. Backing off is one of the most important things you have to learn to do as your children become adults. In this case, however, I tend to side with Bill Maher, who said Biden should just have told his kid to get a real job. Of course, the son may not have paid any attention, as was his right as an adult, but at least Joe could have made that effort, and he did not.