Trump’s eccentric friend will soon go on trial. We don’t know much about what the prosecutors have on him because almost everything about that subject was censored from the Mueller Report in respect of an ongoing investigation.

We do know:

  • He admitted he was in contact with Assange during the 2016 campaign.
  • He admitted he was in contact with somebody who turned out to be Russian intelligence.
  • He admitted he was also in contact with Trump at the same time. Trump also admitted to the contact.

All of that sounds very bad, but you have to remember that Stone is both a liar and a complete buffoon, so his public admissions mean very little or nothing. The trial may (or may not) reveal the truth, as opposed to his previous lies and misunderstandings.

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Greinke was unhittable for six innings, but the game is nine innings long, more than enough time for the Nats to pull away. Their victory capped a spectacular run which began in late May when they were 19-31 and culminated with a 4-0 sweep of the Cardinals for the pennant, followed by a 4-3 World Series triumph over baseball’s best pitching staff.

The series ended with seven road victories. That has never happened in the history of major league baseball, not just in the World Series, but in any post-season series. The phenomenon transcends baseball. It is so rare that it has never happened in a post-season series in any major sport. Both the NBA and the NHL play post-season series that can extend to seven games, but there has never been an all-road series in a series of that length.

As ol’ Casey used to say, “Amazin'”!