And yet, black people actually like Trump less than liberals do! Trump won 10% of the liberal vote in 2018, but only 8% of the black vote. Not only that, but only 13% of black Americans think Trump is not a racist. They just refuse to believe his tweets. Why, those thugs!

Has there ever been a larger gap between the way a person perceives himself and the way he is seen by the outside world?

“Esper irked the White House Wednesday morning when he appeared in front of cameras to proclaim his opposition to deploying active-duty troops to respond to protests around the country — a move that many saw as a break with the president.”

If Esper refuses to carry out the orders of Mad King Don, there is always a Robert Bork somewhere, willing to take the job and do anything he’s told to do. Look for Trump to give Barr double duty as the AG and the acting Secretary of Defense, because Barr gives zero fucks about whether an order is legal or ethical.

(Kidding aside, he wants to tighten the language.)