“The 23-year-old … entered the beauty contest as Miss Buchenwald

Miss Israel did not fare well in that pageant. Miss Buchenwald almost won the coveted title of Miss Hitler. She did well in the heiling competition, but her goosestep just wasn’t as high as Miss Auschwitz’s. I think it would be great if they televise the finals next year. I even wrote them a tag line: “Watch the Miss Hitler pageant – it’s a gas!”

I only linked to the story because the Miss Hitler pageant caught my eye, but there are some interesting details within. The woman in question is accused of being a member of NA, an extremely far-right group that the UK has banned and designated as a terrorist organization. “She denied being an NA member despite attending the group’s rallies,” and being the former Miss Buchenwald.

That Mittens! What a wimp, taking an anti-racism stance. Guy needs to man up if he wants to be a true, macho Republican.

To be fair to Mitt, maybe he’s just out of practice at kicking black asses. There just aren’t many to kick in Utah. Maybe he doesn’t even realize that some people aren’t white.

“Oh, dear, are they saying black LIVES, with a v. I thought they were talking about black LIES – you know, like little white lies and big black ones.”

I just became aware of this today. I looked it up after having seen it used without any clarification in several internet articles. The fact that it is used without explanation seems to indicate that I missed the memo.

“In dozens of YouTube videos, they promise armed rebellion if the government tries to take their guns – a civil war, or Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo.” The name is spun off a Golan/Globus movie from about 35 years ago, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. That I remember. It’s basically a multi-cultural “slobs vs snobs” movie about street dancing. The plot is the usual cliche: girl’s dad wants her to study dance in Paris, but she opts instead to help some street dancers save a community center from an evil developer.

Despite her excellent career and good looks, I’ve never paid much attention to her, but I’m really starting to like her. She’s funny, casual and charming. And you have to love her running style.

I’m gonna say she’s now my #1 favorite celeb whose parents named her after cheese, easily besting Freya Allan and … er … Colby Smulders. (There really are some celebs named Colby, Jack and Lincoln, but they are all dudes, to my knowledge.) Does Velveeta Jones count?