129,000 tons of pork was exported to China in April.

That’s enough to give a full pound of pork to every adult in the United States. If you’re not Jewish or Muslim, you could have had more than a pound, because they wouldn’t have wanted their shares.

So to all those workers who stayed in the meat packing plants and got COVID: China thanks you for your sacrifice.

A .gif of a really great non-nude scene from Summer Catch (2001). Sample below.

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And a bikini scene from Summer Catch.

It seemed that the star of Summer Catch, Freddie Prinze Jr, was in every movie about 20 years ago, but I haven’t seen him in a movie in years and years. Seems like I turned my back for a second and he became a gray-haired guy, 44 years old, exactly double the age of his dad when he died. That kind of makes it seem as if Jr and Sr have reversed roles.


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