It’s good to be rich, isn’t it? After the rinse she looks 30, but even before the rinse she was a beautifully aging woman in her late 30s. (She’s actually in her 50s).

I’ve told the story many times so I won’t repeat it, but I actually talked to her one-on-one for a while in 2003, and she is absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen face-to-face.

Oh, those blessings. How we miss them down here in Dixie. Not many people know it, but Jefferson Davis was a wonderful dancer. And could he put together an ensemble. Now there was a dresser! Not like Lincoln with those long black undertaker coats and those stodgy top hats. And he could not even say Dix-uh. He would say Dix-ee. It was not Dix-ee, it was Dix-uh, I say.

Now sing along with me …”

Boy, the way those slaves would sing
Back when cotton was our king
We loved almost everything
Those were the days

And we knew just what was right
Slaves were black and masters white
Mister, we could use a man like ol’ Jeff Davis tonight

Didn’t need no FICA fee
All our labor was for free
To fire help – we used a tree
Those were the days