I watched it last night. The movie is way too long to begin with. Many of the acts, which might have been good for a laugh in snippets, go on for the entire duration of a song, thus dragging the film out for more than two hours. The basic thrust of the plot is almost completely predictable, and the jokes are too far apart. It’s an 80-minute comedy conveniently padded out with 45 minutes of bad singing.

The problem is that the Eurovision competition is one of those things that’s almost impossible to satirize, like Tiny Tim or The Gong Show, because it is already self-satirizing. It’s weird and campy and over-the-top. It’s more than a little creepy, and after all these decades, the acts still seem to take place in 1974. What can you really say about a contest where the contestants dream of being as good as ABBA? It’s like deciding to do stand-up in the hope of someday being as good as Pauly Shore.

Having noted all that, I’ll add that the woman who dubbed Rachel McAdams’s singing is pretty darned good, Demi Lovato has a solid cameo, Iceland looks like a pretty cool place, and I did get a few laughs from a weird sub-plot about how Icelandic elves are real.

Nobody really polls investors to see why they trade, so the market trends get “spun” by both sides.

Liberals claim: Investors were scared off by the massive surge in COVID cases and the unexpectedly high unemployment numbers.

Conservatives respond: Investors are terrified by the prospect that Elizabeth Warren would be the next Secretary of the Treasury. (Implied: vote for Trump to avoid that catastrophe.)

If I were Biden, assuming I got elected, I would think first about who could do the massive housecleaning required from the Attorney General. The DoJ is a travesty. The AG needs to be a workaholic, brainy, tough as nails and incorruptible. If Warren is unavailable, do the Dems have somebody else for that job? To me, that seems like the job for Warren or Tom Perez. Another question – would either or both of the Obamas accept positions in Biden’s cabinet?

Anyway, that’s just idle rambling at this point. Trump may get re-elected, of course, so the Dems need to concentrate on a good VP candidate first and foremost. Given Biden’s age, it is not unreasonable to suggest that his VP may become the president within those four years, so it must be somebody with a cool head and the policy knowledge to run the show. Warren meets the bill, but she is 71 herself, and the Dems would like minority representation on the ticket. Is Kamala Harris ready to be President, for example? Is Susan Rice? Maybe. I just don’t know.