The greater emancipator

And yet, black people actually like Trump less than liberals do! Trump won 10% of the liberal vote in 2018, but only 8% of the black vote. Not only that, but only 13% of black Americans think Trump is not a racist. They just refuse to believe his tweets. Why, those thugs!

Has there ever been a larger gap between the way a person perceives himself and the way he is seen by the outside world?

10 thoughts on “The greater emancipator

  1. You would at least think his PR handlers would tell him that anything he say about how great he has been for African Americans is going to sound like pandering right now? …. but of course he doesn’t even listen to the people he pays to help him.

  2. The real predicate is Andrew Johnson – undid everything done by his superior predecessor, codified Southern racism for years to come, got impeached, etc.

    1. Have to quibble. A lot of what Johnson tried to undo was brought back under Grant. Wilson’s stuff stayed pretty much in place for a quarter century. It had a devastating effect on Black Washington where there was a thriving middle class largely based on Federal employment. Their money paid for Edward Kennedy Ellington’s piano lessons among other things.

      1. Let’s hope Biden is Grant’s equal, then. To me, he gives off more of a Polk vibe.

  3. Well he’s arguably better than Woodrow Wilson. Actually there are a lot of similarities between Wilson’s personality and Trump’s. However, Wilson probably had more brains in his toenails than Trump has between his ears.

  4. Blacks also voted overwhelmingly for pro-segregationist Biden instead of Sanders who marched with Dr. King. Not the smartest of voters…

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