Larry Kudlow doubled down on his denial that systemic racism exists

His case: Well, Obama was elected.

Not much of a case. Obama lost the white vote in a landslide in 2012. He lost to Romney 59-39. He held on to the White House because he won 93% of the black vote and more than 70% of the other minorities

Of every 100 voters in that election:

72 were white and they split 29-43 Romney
13 were black and they split 12-1 Obama
13 were Latino or Asian and they split 10-3 Obama


The strongest case that racism is deeply ingrained in the USA: in a 2016 poll, only 27% of Republicans agreed with this statement: “Barack Obama was born in the United States,” despite the fact that there was never any logic or evidence to support their belief and an overwhelming mountain of evidence of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

Let’s be honest. There’s only one reason to hold that belief, as summed up in this clip:

15 thoughts on “Larry Kudlow doubled down on his denial that systemic racism exists

  1. Larry Kudlow full of shit? I declare, get me my fainting couch!

    Of course, why would a racist understand racism?

  2. Agreeing totally that Obama’s election was not a refutation of racism. Kudlow as usual is full of it. I do have a pretty automatic reaction to any notion that a vote against Obama was racist and I probably reacted too strongly.
    There actually used to be black Republicans, some of them famous, still may be some (Lester Holt ain’t talking last I heard). When Sir Charles left and was asked why, his reply was “Those people have lost their minds” (this was around the time the Tea Party was becoming a big whoop).
    Off top. Am surprised no one here has made mention of the Orange Buffoon’s “run” last Saturday. If so, I missed it. Scares the beejeezus out of me that this creature has that launch code card.

    1. I can’t think who Sir Charles is, Bill. Charlie Sykes?

      Trump’s ramp descent has gotten a lot of media/comedy coverage. Does he really wear lifts? They would make walking tougher, I suppose.

      1. “Sir” Charles Barkley. One of the worst things about the NCAA tournament cancellation was not getting to see the new Barkley, Spike Lee & Samuel L. Jackson commercials for this year. And not doing a weighted-points draft bracket with my bud Chuck, the stakes being the loser treating the other to boxes at a Nats game. We’ve been doing this since the early 90s (used to be O’s tickets before 2005). Of course now looking like no baseball at all this year anyway.
        As for the whatever Trump was doing I pirated a few lines from a Leiber/Stoller song in commemoration of the glorious event:
        “Slow walking Trump
        Crock talking Trump
        Along shuffled
        Big fat skanky Trump”
        “Along Came Jones” , the Coasters
        Poor West Point Cadets. They got to be Trump props just like that poor defenseless Bible. Trump looked about as comfortable with that book as Dracula generally does with a crucifix.

        1. Thanks, BIll. I know even less about professional sports than I do about most things.

          And I agree with you about calling back the West Point cadets. One would hope this would help clear up the illusions some of them might have about Trump.

          1. We are all Jon Snow. Or as somebody once put it. “ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα” or “The one thing I do know is that I know nothing” (my trans).

  3. Voting against Obama was not a demonstration of racism. Mitt Romney and John McCain were/are good human beings.

    My point is that the election of Obama can’t be used as a refutation of racism because white people didn’t elect him. They defeated him in a landslide. He was elected because non-white people voted for him in a ratio as close to unanimous as the real world ever gets.

    The birther thing, however, was just pure racism, with nothing else behind it.

    1. I’ll give you McCain, but Romney? He *founded* Bain Capital; he was one of the original M&A vampires. Then, “companies are people”. And sure, Not All Mormons, but my sister was married to one for a while and there is a type. It’s less about race than that you’re not a real person if you aren’t Mormon. I get that vibe strongly off of Romney. Plus the politician/son of a politician thing.
      Respectfully disagree, I mean to say. Who, for the love of crumbcake, sticks their own son with the name Tagg?

      1. C are p? Well in a legal sense they are. People have rights, companies have rights. Tin-eared/boneheaded way to put it though.

        Bristol, Track, Trig, Piper, Willow. And let’s not even talk about Frank Zappa’s kids.

        1. Well, PG&E just pled guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter. Is it going to prison now?

          1. Total Mothers lover here. Brain Police is still relevant, sad to say.
            Btw, “Would you want your daughter to marry a Rolling Stone?” was one of Andrew Loog Oldham’s best brainstorms.
            Read “Stoned” if you haven’t already.

    2. Did whites vote for Romney because he was white and not because of his policies? Romney certainly didn’t represent the interests of poor whites…

      1. Some must have, but I have not seen any attempt to quantify that.

        That’s a tough one to poll. Not many people are going to check box “d” below:

        I voted for Mittens because:

        a. He’s a godly, family man

        b. I like his foreign policy

        c. I like his business-friendly domestic policy.

        d. The new sheriff’s a n______.

  4. There is systemic racism. Period. And this is Kudlow, meaning everything he says is going to be garbage.
    But voting against Obama as a realistic measurement of racism, no way. I used to be a Republican. In 2008 the Party had nominated someone I actually liked (a rare thing) and he was running against someone of skimpy qualifications who had run to Hilary’s left (later coming back toward the center. In 2012, I almost did a write-in. Had gotten to like Obama the person but had no use for his foreign non-policy. Romney had actually created a more workable sort of Obamacare in Mass – and then kept denying he’d ever done such a thing. Finally went wtf I am a Republican and I live in the District so my vote doesn’t matter and voted for Romney w/o any enthusiasm. Pretty small sample here, I gotta admit.
    Meanwhile the Party was going more to hell – the Tea party, Birtherism, the TV “star”, etc. I had a really unpleasant personal experience in (I think it was) 13. Last Party thing in DC I ever went to. I was up on the platform explaining why tanking the national credit (it was debt ceiling time) was not a real good idea. I had numbers, facts, logic, history, and 27 years w/Treasury in Federal debt financing on my side. Not nearly enough. The screaming started pretty quickly. Some nitwit was yelling “That’s how Jews talk” (I’m Irish). Got up got out never went back. Thank God that nowadays the “Republican” Party in DC is so vestigial they apparently don’t have the money to do robocalls any more. Should have left the Party at that point but didn’t until the week of John McCain’s funeral. Dumb dumb dumb.
    Boy do I ever remember that 73% birther poll. Stomach turner. The Party of Lincoln had clearly become the Party of No thinkin’. Or worse.

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