For quite some time there has been a Twitter account called “Rogue White House Senior Adviser,” claiming to be an insider with direct access to the president, accumulating a quarter of a million followers. In the past week the author had been teasing that he would be revealing his true identity on Independence Day.

He finally claimed to be Jimmy Trump, aka James Maxwell Trump, secret love child of The Donald and Ghislaine Maxwell.

It was bullshit, of course. He posted a false birth certificate

… and his original picture was actually Kieran Culkin.

One of the choices is “Warriors,” which would allow the team to retain its offensive iconography and 90% of the racism.

Talk about tone deaf.

This reminds me of one of my fav movies, Evil Roy Slade. When a psychologist was trying to persuade Evil Roy to begin a new non-outlaw life with a new name, Evil Roy said something like, “A new name … I like that. Evil John Ferguson? Evil Fred Noland? Evil Lee Rich?”

Dan Snyder: “A new name? I like that. The Potomac Redskins? The DC Redskins? The District Redskins? The Capital Redskins?”

Y’know, Dan, a lot of black people live in DC. The National N…..s might be right for you!

I think the best way to handle this would be turn turn the racism backward and create an offensive white stereotype. Luckily, the “Brockmire” show has already done all the work:

That episode of Brockmire was filmed about a year ago, but life now mirrors it as the Cleveland Indians consider a name change.

All kidding aside, I’m not convinced that Snyder will really give in, but you can actually bet on what the new team name might be. “Presidents” is the current favorite. As a commenter noted, “People have been advocating for ‘Redtails’ after the airplanes the Tuskegee Airman flew. They’ve mocked up artwork and everything.”

Here are some possibilities from the fierce animal kingdom:

  • The Potomac Piranhas
  • The Washington Wolverines
  • The Capital Cheetahs

Oh, let’s not leave that kidding aside. How about some silly suggestions:

  • The Capital Won (should be easy to get a sponsor)
  • The Federal Express (ditto)
  • The Capital Ideas
  • The Washington Carvers
  • The DC Comics
  • The Deep State Eleven

From the comment section:

The Capital Punishment. They can have a mascot race in the sixth inning with different instruments of death… “And the guillotine wins by a head!”

Brightened captures of her most famous scene in Altered Carbon – good quality

Season 1 of Altered Carbon included some epic nudity from Dichen as well as from Martha Higareda

They finished 4 and 5 in our poll of the nude scenes of 2018

Previous …

Different people have different favorite nude performances: Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot (and other films), Phoebe Cates in Paradise or Fast Times, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Alexandra Daddario in True Detective, Eva Green in The Dreamers, Katie Holmes in The Gift, etc. How can you pick just one? With all due apologies to those beautiful women, I have to say that I may prefer Jennifer Ehle in The Camomile Lawn.

Yesterday it was Jennifer Ehle in episode two of the Camomile Lawn. Today it is episode 3.

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Old news!

Important update: “Naked Man Rescued From Duluth Sewer System

I suppose it could be a different guy. The Duluth sewers are a popular nudist hangout. If you take the Miller Analogies, you’ll see this question

alligators:New York sewers :: nudists:_______ sewers

Don’t be fooled by the other tricky choices. There are no naked people in the Paris sewers. The French constitution requires them to wear capes and scary masks. And Gary doesn’t have sewers. They just go right in the the street.