This clip is from Matthew Barney’s 6-hour-long, typically odd, typically pretentious, surrealist opera called River of Fundament. It has a lot of nudity, which I covered with a film clip in the Fun House the other day.

I could not begin to describe it. That is due in part to the fact that I have not watched it and could never get through it, but I feel certain that I could not describe it even if I had seen it and has subsequently taken a college course dedicated exclusively to this project. IMDb gave the ol’ college try to a summary, and I can’t even understand their synopsis, let alone the film itself, although I did get quite a few laughs out of it. (It’s just weird AF.) Vanity Fair covered it in some depth.

REALLY good. Although she doesn’t look much like Olivia Munn.

I’ve already proposed my theory – that Olivia Munn is actually a role that is played by different actresses from time to time, and this is not the same woman who played the part five years ago. Y’know, it’s like on the original Superman series when they changed Lois Lanes without saying anything, or on Bewitched when they changed Darrens.