… in Running Scared (2006)

They used a body double for her butt in Up in the Air (2009), but her own butt seems fine, as seen here. In fact, Farmiga seemed sort of insulted by the decision to use a double. She once mentioned in an interview that they filmed the scene with both her and the double, then decided to use the one without her even though she thought her own butt was just fine.

Lifetime .300 hitter and former MVP Buster Posey is the biggest name to drop out so far, but baseball’s #1 superstar, Mike Trout, is still undecided.

The full list of opt-outs includes some big names, but not guys currently at their peak. Nick Markakis is willingly losing the year in his pursuit of 3000 hits, and former Cy Young winners David Price and Felix Hernandez, with 319 wins between them, will not play. (Hernandez may not have made a team in any case.)

Chicago wins big in 1984, loses big in 2017.

Mahomes signs the biggest sports contract ever

It’s nice to talk sports again, if only for a minute. If you’re American and a big sports fan, you already understand my headline. If not, here’s what it means:

  • In 1984, the Portland Trail Blazers owned the #2 pick in the NBA draft. Michael Jordan was available. They chose Sam Bowie. Michael Jordan went to Chicago.
  • In 2017, the Chicago Bears wanted a quarterback and had the #2 pick in the NFL draft. Patrick Mahomes was available. They chose Mitch Trubisky. Mahomes went to KC.

Maybe it didn’t matter. Given that they are the Bears, maybe they could have found a way to screw up Mahomes.

“Recently, a graphic designer from Moscow, Lenivko Kvadratjić, made a bold move by reimagining the iconic Simpsons family living their most miserable lives somewhere in Russia. The designer was born in Siberia in the late USSR and later moved to Moscow to get his degree. “The Simpsons has a great influence on me and people all over the world. Many famous persons made intros for The Simpsons. I always wanted to make some parody version too with my country’s local flavor included. So I made it one day”

I assume “Lenivko Kvadratjic” is a pseudonym that implies Lazy Square, which is the English name of his YouTube channel, in a sort of Slavic mash-up language. I’m not a scholar in the Slavic languages, but he seems to play around with several of them to give his work a generic Slavic feel. He’s Russian, but the credits and captions in his Simpsons parody seem to be in the Czech alphabet rather than Cyrillic. Lenivko is the actual Bulgarian word for “lazy,” but it’s recognizable to Russians as well because the very similar ленивый is the Russian equivalent. I think kvadratić or квадрат, or something very similar, is recognizable as “square” across the Slavic world.