According to reports, the new name will not be announced immediately.

Some insiders say Snyder couldn’t decide between “Injuns,” “Hostiles,” “Wagon Burners” and “Savages.” I’m kidding about that, but just barely. Snyder really wanted to keep all the racist iconography and rename the team “Warriors.” As I’ve noted in the past, this is roughly equivalent to Evil Roy Slade’s decision to start his new law-abiding life by changing his name to Evil John Ferguson.

Snyder also hoped to offend a different ethnic group for a while but, as we all know now, it is evil to offend any race or ethnicity except the Irish.

Wait a sec! Why doesn’t Notre Dame’s racist Irish caricature have red hair? Another minor point – I spent quite some time in Ireland working with the Shell people there (great place, by the way), and I never saw anyone wearing yellow shoes.

To be serious for a sec, the new name seems to be contingent on registering the trademarks, sealing all the licensing deals, and other legal folderol. Nobody seems to be spilling the beans about which name the team is attempting to lock down, but the coach said “he wanted the new name to honor both Native Americans and the military, saying that many native people join the military.” Personally, I would have suggested that the team stay away from ethnic identification altogether, but I’ll hold off until I see what he has in mind.

I mean NOBODY knew, not even Lincoln himself. I still don’t believe it.

Consider the evidence:

Beards: Karl Marx, Lenin, Lincoln
No beards: Reagan, Quayle, Nixon

It’s obvious – Abe was a commie!

Plus, his sobriquet was “Honest” Abe. That doesn’t sound very Republican to me. I never heard Stone and Trump called Honest Rog and Honest Don.

Mueller wrote an op-ed for WaPo to defend the work of his office, focusing particularly on convicted felon Roger Stone.

(Note that even Bill Barr, Trump’s loyal servant and toady, described the Stone case as a “righteous” prosecution. It was actually a slam dunk prosecution. Stone was caught in his lies and really had no defense argument of any kind. His lawyers called no witnesses and Stone himself did not testify on his own behalf. Stone was so obviously guilty of such blatant disregard of the law that Barr recommended against granting clemency, and the Justice Department had nothing to do with Trump’s decision to commute his sentence. There was no legal reasoning behind the Stone commutation. Stone was convicted of telling lies to protect Trump. Trump paid his buddy back. Simple as that.)

If you can’t get past the WaPo firewall, the full text follows:

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