He looks a lot better now than he did when he wrote “Watchin’ Scotty Grow.”

Wait. I am reliably informed that Mac Davis and Mackenzie Davis are two different people. Go figure. They do have about the same hair style.

Kidding aside, it’s Mackenzie Davis in Freaks of Nature (2015). This may have been blown up too much, but the guy who created it has gone to great trouble to entertain us.

SIDEBAR: “Scotty” was Mac’s real son. He’s “Scot” now, and he’s 56.

For many guys, this was their glorious coming-of-age moment – ala Katie Holmes in The Gift, Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot, or Phoebe Cates in Fast Times.

When I was that age, there essentially was no nudity in films, so I don’t really have such a moment. The first naked woman I ever saw in a film was Romy Schneider in Boccaccio ’70 (1962). That was a very brief peek at one breast, and I needed a tremendous amount of chicanery to get that evanescent glimpse, as I have recounted many times over the years. The first naked woman I ever saw in an American movie was Thelma Oliver in The Pawnbroker (1964). Thelma was not a famous person, but at least that was a clear, unobstructed look in good light.