“Donald Trump wanted daughter Ivanka to be his running mate in 2016”

Gates says Trump was serious about making his then 34-year-old daughter his potential vice-president, returning to the theme and even carrying out public polling.

“We all knew Trump well enough to keep our mouths shut and not laugh. He went on: ‘She’s bright, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and the people would love her!'”

18 thoughts on ““Donald Trump wanted daughter Ivanka to be his running mate in 2016”

  1. I’m genuinely at least somewhat surprised that Trump hasn’t taken to wearing a military uniform with 40 pounds of medals attached. He so clearly wants to be a tinpot dictator.

    I cannot recall a greater threat to American Democracy since 1945. And even that’s debatable.

    1. arguably it’s the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War. NYT’s Friedman says “Our democracy is in terrible danger — more than since the Civil War, more than after Pearl Harbor, more than during the Cuban missile crisis.”

        1. Well, to be fair, Nature Mom, it is hard for someone to see something if they very much do not want to. And they are skilled at rhetoric and argumentation, they can deny reality….well, forever, really. So, yes, some kudos to Friedman.

          If Trump could tone down his some of his blatant childishness, ignorance, corruption, hatefulness, etc., he could get more people like Friedman to support him, but he would probably lose a lot of his base, because that is exactly what they love about him. Basically, if Trump could be less of a disgusting human being, he would not have gotten where he is in the first place, so it is useless to speculate.

  2. At least he could be reasonably confident she would pardon him if he had been convicted by the Senate! The problem that all crooked politicians have in a functional democracy is what happens when they lose power: how much of the rest of their lives do they have to spend either fighting criminal charges or in jail?

  3. Given the state of his business finances, I can understand why Trump would want all of his children to have well paying jobs. Are Eric and Don Jr. gainfully employed? And by “gainfully”, I mean “outside the Trump Organization”, because that appears to be a money pit.

    This also makes it clear why Trump did not put his business or personal finances in a blind trust – exposure would have been almost guaranteed by any genuine trusteeship, and they probably require regular personal begging his part to avert complete collapse.

  4. He didn’t know that a candidate has to be 35. He didn’t know candidates can’t be from the same state. He didn’t know there is a nepotism laws against it.

    1. Hey, I agree with redlion, the Trump family IS a bunch of dumb fucks, and this is more proof. The rest of us didn’t need any more proof, but for redlion I guess it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. (Boy, that took ALL the straw! ) Welcome to the Light Side, redlion! Need any health care?

  5. 2016 there was still some sense of normalcy left, if he did this in 2020 I’m not sure anyone who would vote for him would be swayed by this (if it didn’t make them support him MORE).

    1. A lot of people are saying it, I don’t know if its true or not, but I hear a lot of people saying it.

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