He was 6’7″ and 275 pounds of solid muscle, and pretty much had to be in order to wear Vader’s 40-pound costume through grueling filming, often in hot weather.

Something I learned from the article, but you megafans probably know already: given Prowse’s size and strength, George Lucas gave him two options – Vader or Chewbacca.

In the original trilogy, Vader was not a one-man effort. Five guys contributed. Prowse basically just did the bit of walking around and looking intimidating. James Earl Jones did the voice, another man did the heavy breathing, and two others did specialty scenes: a trained swordsman did the lightsaber duels; another actor provided the face for Vader’s unmasked death scene.

Just one observation in an uneventful week. This is actually a pretty cool story.

Last week I made a note that Buffalo’s running back, Jaret Patterson, ran for 300 yards and four TDs.

Turns out that was an off day.

This week he ran for more than 400 yards and scored EIGHT TDs. That ties the record for most TDs in a Division 1 game and came fairly close to the yardage record (427) as well. His total of 409 yards was the second highest in history.

(And Buffalo’s other running back ran for 97 yards and 2 TDs, which is a pretty decent game in its own right. That was the third straight game in which he’s been right around 100 yards.)

But back to Jaret Patterson for a minute. It happens that Jaret has a twin brother named James who is also on the team. James is a linebacker who is Buffalo’s best defensive player. In fact it was James who was heavily recruited, while Jaret was just part of a package deal because the brothers wanted to stay together.

How important is the rushing game in college football? This week’s recap gives you a good indication. In the games involving the top ten rushing performances, the rusher’s team won all ten. In contrast, the top ten passers won only four out of the ten games.

She’s one of those who came and went in Hollywood, leaving barely a trace.

“Rae Sperling was born on July 19, 1954 in Langdon, North Dakota, USA as Cynthia Rae Sperling. She was an actress, known for Game Show Models (1977) and Hollywood High (1976). She died on July 1, 2017 in Kearny, Wyoming, USA.”

She certainly had an impressive upper body, as shown in Hollywood High (1976)