“I want my kids to grow up in a world without desperate A-listers belting out some dumb-as-shit song about voting.”

I hope they allow non-A-listers to keep doin’ their thing. I never made a move without consulting Danny Bonaduce’s blog.

I have to go with the ‘Duce because Screech had to shut his blog down when he went to jail.

Adding Notre Dame to the ACC really gave the conference a boost in prestige, and ended Clemson’s usual free pass through the season.

It’s not much of a surprise that Alabama is now #1. This is the 13th consecutive year in which they have been #1 at one time or another.

It really seems that the top four are fixed in stone: ‘Bama, Notre Dame, THE Ohio State University, and Clemson. There seems to be a big gap between those four and #5 A&M, which got its ass handed to it by the Tide in a four-TD loss.

Meanwhile, our Wisconsin Badgers remain undefeated with an impressive 1-0 record. If they can keep the team sick, they may be able to finish without a blemish on their record. Their only win was a curb-stomping of a weak Illinois team.