Some examples from the article:

  • An unfathomably high amount of document shredding.
  • Finally follow through on campaign pledge to stand in middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody.
  • Award Twitter user @920274749_000 the Presidential Medal of Valor for unwavering support over past four years.

Not mentioned: While the Preisdent has run up some impressive numbers of COVID victims he killed passively through neglect, there’s still many more he could kill actively by holding more crowded and maskless rallies.

538’s overview

CNN’s election map


1. Biden has won Arizona and Georgia.

2. Trump has won Alaska and North Carolina

The final electoral count is 306-232.

Several recounts will happen, but the margins are all far greater than the largest amount ever shifted by a recount.

The lawsuits will not change any results. They are all either lacking in merit or so insignificant as to have no impact on the result.

I’m sure you are well aware that all eyes and everyone’s remaining dollars will get poured into Georgia, where control of the Senate is at stake. Everyone in Georgia is likely to remain as annoyed with their fellow Georgians as we all have been with each other for months, and everyone in the state will be miserable except the TV, radio, print and billboard salesmen, all of whom stand to earn record commissions from the expected deluge of political ads.

Today’s top story is the release of a four-year-old nude scene from India Eisley, the beautiful daughter of Olivia Hussey. Dead Reckoning (aka Altar Rock) was originally to be released in 2016 but – well, I suppose it wasn’t much of a movie. I haven’t watched it and don’t intend to, but here’s how described it:

“There’s always a reason when a film has a major delay. And there’s a reason why ‘Dead Reckoning’ hasn’t been touched in four years, supplying no excitement. Technical achievements are awful, with ridiculous wigs and greenscreen backgrounds common. And the plot is limp, especially when the production tries to make sense of hazy motivations and characters.”

So there’s that. The nude scene isn’t good either. The scene is dark, she’s far from the camera, there’s no clear look at her breasts, and she has since done better nudity in 2018’s “Look Away.” (Her scene in Look Away was one of our top 20 nude scenes of 2018)

But still … it’s India Eisley very naked. I ain’t avertin’ my eyes.

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