The Masters? Is it Spring already?

DJ finished 20 under par, a record. He shot two 65s on the way.

More interesting to me:

Tiger Woods was like one of us for one hole – he took a ten on a par three, the infamous number 12, “the scariest part 3 in golf,” the very hole that won Arnold Palmer his first major in 1958 when his double-bogey in the final round was altered to a par based on a ruling from senior tournament officials that overrode the onsite official who had refused Palmer relief on an embedded ball. (Palmer played a provisional, pending a final ruling.)

Tiger’s ten isn’t even close to the worst score ever recorded on that hole in the Masters. In 1980, hot-tempered Tom Weiskopf took a 13 when he dumped five balls into Rae’s Creek. Weiskopf’s bad luck wasn’t finished there. He gamely proceeded to the next hole, where he hit yet another ball into another part of the same creek on his way to an 85 for the day.

The worst score ever recorded on a single hole in a major was Ray Ainsley’s 19 on the 16th at Cherry Hills in the 1938 US Open, which he accomplished on his way to a round of 96.

Did you know: A PGA Tour pro once shot 123-114 after making the cut in a tour event. (Injury. Long story.)