I’m pretty sure Trump’s people did not create this site.

You may also enjoy the Donald Trump library. His library even includes a “grift shop” which offers “Grab a Pussy Cookies” and “Notes of a Stable Genius” notebooks. The library itself includes a “Covid Memorial”, a “Wall of Criminality,” an “Alt-Right Auditorium,” the “Hall of Enablers” and a “Criminal Records Room.”

Perhaps best of all, see what happens when you go to loser.com

Somebody inquired about her most recent nudity before The Artist’s Wife. She showed her bare butt and some brief side-boob in an obscure 1976 film called The Invisible Strangler, aka The Astral Factor.

The entire film is on You Tube, embedded below. Her unimpressive (but genuine) nude scene runs from approximately 49:04 to 49:37.

A few representative images can be seen here:

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