‘Anus Kitchen’ is the #2 favorite of Other Crap

I’m kinda offended that they didn’t ask “other CRAP” for a plug. You might call it a butt plug.

“A TAKEAWAY restaurant has been ridiculed after a punctuation oversight left it named ‘Anus Kitchen‘ on flyers.”

Anus Kitchen

– where the back door is always open
– try the rump roast

Their celebrity spokesman is Sir Mixalot who says “ya gotta have ‘much more back’ … ribs”

3 thoughts on “‘Anus Kitchen’ is the #2 favorite of Other Crap

  1. Close. The Leeks Kitchen.

    “When you come here, you have to take a leek.”

    “Our #2 favorite” doesn’t mean it’s our second choice. It means it is our favorite for all things related to “number two.”

  2. …then you get there and it’s just an Arby’s. In Zappa’s autobiography, he talks about when a rumor started that he had eaten his own shit on stage.”Just to clear this up, I have never eaten any shit anywhere. The closest I ever came to eating shit was at a Holiday Inn buffet table in Fayette, NC.”

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