You might get a brief peek at Maisie Williams’ areola

Although frankly, it’s probably not worth the effort.

This is probably the best frame:

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7 thoughts on “You might get a brief peek at Maisie Williams’ areola

  1. “What I am saying is, Maisie Williams is ugly, so ugly that I am surprised she’s got into the whole acting thing, maybe she doesn’t have mirrors around her house, maybe she’s just delusional, maybe she’s been hyped so much she believes the hype, I don’t know but if I looked like that as a young girl, I’d probably try to find work that keeps me indoors, off ZOOM, maybe work as a blogger no one’s ever heard of or something…”

    Drunken Stepfather is a bit of an asshole, and not even the least bit witty to boot.

    1. Ditto about D.S.. (Do people still say ditto, or is it now the equivalent of “dagnab it”?)

      1. Wait – people don’t say “dagnab it” anymore? Are you saying that all of today’s hippest youngsters have switched to “consarn it”?

        1. I have no idea, UncleScoopy. I lost touch with the youth culture about the time CD’s came in. As I understand it, DVD’s are now considered laughably old-fashioned. I tell you, I was hornswoggled when I found that out.

          1. I don’t think hornswoggled is the right old-timey word there. I think it means the same as swindled. (I love the word, though. I think we should bring it back into everyday use, along with hoodwinked and bamboozled.)

            A better one in your context might be gobsmacked, or maybe flabbergasted or flummoxed. I just love those old-time words and expressions.

          2. A) I did not look up hornswoggled, and based on your definition, yes, I should have used something else. But I think gobsmacked is still in use in British English, and I flabbergasted is not terribly out of date in American English. Maybe that’s just me, though.

            B) Bring back hornswoggled? Don’t be a jabbernowl!

            C) My sole knowledge of the word “jabbernowl” comes from the W. C. Fields movie “The Bank Dick”. I actually thought it was “jabbernow”, and meant someone who was jabbering now.

            Looking it up in order to write this post has corrected a decades-old error on my part. You have my deepest thanks.

    2. A “bit”? I’d say Soused Stepdad is the full monty in the a-hole phylum.

      I realize that’s his character voice, but it doesn’t seem entertaining to me, just nasty.

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