Once there was a great inventor, perhaps the greatest. Unlike Edison or Bell, he has never gotten the credit he deserves. He invented the woman’s swimsuit that becomes transparent when wet. Whoever he was, we owe him so much.

To be fair, we owe him less than we owe the guys who persuade women to wear these things. Now THEY are truly men of vision and genius.

Politician named after Nazi leader sweeps to victory – with 85% of the vote.

The Daily Mail article is actually pretty interesting. I learned a lot about the largely unsuccessful German colonial efforts in Africa, a subject I knew nothing about.

I think this comment from another thread actually belongs here:

Better than the Daily Mail

Sample of the list:


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Here’s a tasteful gift that will add “a touch of class” to the home of anybody on your holiday gift list who, for whatever insane reason, likes cats. This item is — and here we will directly quote the eloquently descriptive words of the creator, Bo Winston — “a calendar of pooping cats.” It consists of 12 photos of cats pooping, “along with their names and country of origin.”