David Lander was 73

5 thoughts on “RIP Squiggy

  1. Poor guy. Lived his entire life, yet the only pics of him used in his obits are of a mindless, ape-like character he played on TV in the 70’s. Michael McKean will suffer the same fate: he’ll either be represented as Lenny or the guy from Spinal Tap.

    1. Personally, I will remember McKean as the guy from the Folksmen.

      And to point out the obvious, there are worse things and worse careers than being remembered as a funny character that many people enjoyed, if only briefly and long ago. Given that the IMBD shows he worked steadily until fairly recently, I would guess he came to terms with that.

      1. Aaaww, you’re missing out if you don’t catch him as Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul. Even if you don’t like Breaking Bad, it’s worth the trip for McKean alone.

        1. I have not seen Better Call Saul. Is it on cable or broadcast TV? I have always like McKean in whatever I have seen him in.

    2. I had no idea what he looked like recently, so I looked him up and found he was a dead ringer for Alan Dershowitz. Or maybe a cross between Dersh and Buck Henry.

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