A summary of this year’s winners and … well, links to every other year’s as well.

Kate Winslet first appeared on the list in 1996 for her performance in Jude, and she’s still going strong. That’s a full quarter of a century, during which she appeared on the list nine times.

From 1996 to 2008, she appeared on the list more frequently than anyone else – eight times in just thirteen years:

96 Jude #2
97 Titanic #8
98 Hideous Kinky #17
99 Holy Smoke #14
00 Quills #12
02 Iris #10
06 Little Children #13
08 The Reader #13

She hasn’t been in contention since then – until this year when she cunningly teamed up with Saoirse Ronan for a quite explicit sapphic encounter that lifted her to the very top of the list. It’s fair to say that the vote is really for Saoirse, but it’s impossible not to root for Winslet. She has done more for screen nudity than any other distinguished actress of her generation. Kate not only gets naked on film, but has consistently urged other actresses to do the same, not just with her example, but in words as well.