5 thoughts on “R.I.P.: JULIE STRAIN

  1. I met her once at a comic con. She was in full costume. And giant high heels. She towered over me(I am over 6ft). Tiny costume barely covering her muscular ass. The huge implants barely covered. No one would go near her for some reason. They must have been scared. Iwent over to talk to her, and she was great. Funny and very smart. We talked for about 20 minutes about crap movies. And TMNT money. And the comics I had bought. Very sad ending to her life

  2. Almost exactly a year ago to the day, she was falsely said to have died. Sadly, this time it is true.

  3. Film Company Has To Apologize After Announcing Actress Julie Strain Died (She Didn’t)

    1. That was last year. There was a false rumor that she had died. This year’s version seems to be true.

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