“When Game of Thrones ended, HBO saw a 51% loss of its adult audiences (ages 18-49)”

“The same report also states that HBO lost 38% of its overall viewers when compared to 2019.”

So they lost viewers during a time when people had to stay inside and watch TV? That can’t be good.

One thought on ““When Game of Thrones ended, HBO saw a 51% loss of its adult audiences (ages 18-49)”

  1. The article only talks about viewers and never mentions subscribers. If the ratings show HBO viewers are down 38%, that’s bad for HBO. But if HBO subscribers were down 38% that would be catastrophic. I am sure many people cancelled HBO after the GOT finale. But I am sure many others watched less HBO but didn’t cancel their subscriptions. I imagine ratings are a leading indicator for HBO. The higher their ratings the more new subscribers they get and the fewer cancellations. But those subscriptions and cancellations probably lag the ratings. As for HBO Max, I read an article a few weeks ago that said the majority of households that subscribe to HBO through cable or satellite have yet to activate an HBO Max subscription even though it is “free” for them. Wonder Woman 1984 supposedly led to many new HBO Max subscribers. But there was never a breakdown (that I’ve seen anyway) between new subscribers (giving HBO Max new money) and new activators (that bring in no new money). Those would be some interesting numbers to consider. That information may have to wait until AT&T (their parent company) releases it’s annual report.

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