I don’t know whether that is Anna or a lookalike, but this is definitely Anna’s butt in The House Bunny (2008). She said: “We had a body double but on the day I just felt like, ‘I think I should do it.’ I definitely think I lost some cred as a producer, being naked in front of the whole crew.”

And here are her cheeks as she plays volleyball in a bikini

Finally, she had some brief breast exposure in What’s Your Number? (2011)

I have seen this footage before, but I had forgotten how entertaining it is.

From Wikipedia:

“In 2002, along with former teammates Lavinia Miloșovici and Claudia Presăcan, Ungureanu appeared in two Japanese DVDs, Gold Bird and Euro Angels, which included scenes of the three gymnasts performing gymnastics routines topless. A second nude photobook, LCC Gold ISBN 4-87279-118-5, appeared at the same time. A number of photographs from the photobook and DVDs were subsequently published in the Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai. An edited version of the DVDs entitled 3 Gold Girls was released in Germany in 2004.”