Tale of the tape: Michigan had 14 turnovers and shot only 55% from the free throw line. One of their stars, normally a good shooter, was one for ten. Despite that, Michigan still had two chances to nail the winning three, but both failed to win the cigar.

The final four will be:

Baylor (2) vs Houston (1)

UCLA (11) vs Gonzaga (1)

Oh, yeah, you can play “one of these things is not like the others” with those seeds, but as I noted yesterday, I just can’t view UCLA, the 11-time champs, as a spunky underdog. In fact, I’m kinda hoping the Zags will pull off their undefeated season.

Since Mark Few took over as coach, Gonzaga’s conference record is 306-31, with six undefeated seasons. OK, I grant you that their conference sucks, but a .908 winning percentage is absolutely unreal. Mr. Few’s Gonzaga teams have gone to the NCAA tournament in every single year of his tenure. (There was no tourney in 2020, but their conference record would have assured them an automatic spot, and their 31-2 record probably would have merited a #1 seed).

Tuesday’s summary

Some of you may be missing some of your comments. I removed a ton of sock puppet comments which were all the same person, and therefore your comments may have disappeared if they were responding to one of his threads. I also banned those accounts for violating for what is pretty much our only rule: no sock puppets.

Sock puppetry is especially annoying when you agree with your own posts using another name! I don’t really care if you want to stir things up, but don’t do it and then hide.

(The same guy had eight identities: Darius, Pete, Peter, Dennis DeYoung, Rick Didier, E E, Rich Currier and Rip Torn!)

Not that I care one way or another, but this pic just surprised me. I thought maybe the site had mislabeled the pic, but that was not the case. It is Hailee. That’s on me. I always just sort of assumed she was your basic garden-variety California white chick. Oh, silly me. I went full Wiki and found out she is actually 1/8 Filipino and 1/8 African-American and about 1/2 bronzer.

Second-seeded Alabama lost to #11 UCLA. Kind of a crazy game. The first half – all UCLA. The second half – all ‘Bama. The OT – all UCLA.

Sunday’s summary.

Despite some upsets, the Elite Eight doesn’t really look anomalous. It includes three first seeds, a two and a three. Furthermore, one of the weaker seeds is UCLA, which is the greatest power in the history of college hoops. They did once win this thing 10 times in 12 years, so it’s hard to think of them as a spunky upstart, even though they’ve only won once in the past 40 years, and none at all in the past 25.

In other words, I’ll be pulling for the true underdog, Oregon State. At one time this year, they were 11-11, including an embarrassing home-court loss to lowly Portland. That debacle was Portland’s only road win of the year. To add to the embarrassment, Portland never won a single game, home or away, in their own conference, the WCC. Unless you are an absolute hoops fanatic, I’ll bet you don’t even know what Portland’s sports teams are called. (The Pilots, for the record. I had to look it up.) Well, Oregon State lost to those hapless dudes earlier this year – on their own court – and yet now they’re in the Elite Eight! Ya gotta love it.

Unless you live in France, you probably have never heard of Maryse Meige or the 2021 film I Comete, so the scene will undoubtedly slip below the radar of our annual poll, but if this scene had been performed by Natalie Portman or Daddario or Sydney Sweeney, the year’s other scenes would simply be competing for second place.

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