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Marion Kneusé in “fluide”:

Mathilde Mosnier in “l’ombre de Vénus”:

Sarah Labhar in “l’ombre de Vénus”:

Irina Stopina in “l’ombre de Vénus”:

Aurélie Jesus-Pret in “l’ombre de Vénus”:

Anne Serra in “l’ombre de Vénus”:

Anastacia Chauvain in “l’ombre de Vénus”:



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She doesn’t look that much like Steven.

This is a scene from The Sign Of The Cross (1932)

If you read this blog frequently, you know that there was some nudity in Hollywood films before the Hayes Code and the Legion of Decency shut it off for about three decades starting in 1934.

The five years before the long drought of nudity included a deluge, at least by the standards of that era. Brainscan covered this in some depth:

That magical year of 1932

The other years 1929-1934

Brainscan also wrote a brief history of the remaining years of pre-1960 Hollywood:

Part 3: 1927. The Swan Song of the Silents.

Part 4: 1900-1926. The Silent Era.

Part 5: 1935-1951. The Dry Years.

Part 6: 1952-1959. Europe to the Rescue.